• 3D Printing Services

    3D Printing Services

    Nottingham based 3D Printing service with excellent quality at competitive prices. One-off models or production runs. Specialisation in tabletop games [...]
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    3D Printer Repairs

    Nottingham based 3D Printing and IT Repairs, with an eye to competitive pricing. Evaluations and honest appraisals. [...]

Minifactorum is a Nottingham based business located in the Creative Quarter.

We consider our selves to be reliable, personable and cost effective 3D printing service and product consultancy.

Founded by a qualified and long established IT expert and engineer with decades of experience in both that industry and the Tabletop gaming one. We only take on a limited number of clients at any one time as we feel considering every aspect of the design whilst remaining personable and efficient as this ensures we can fully immerse ourselves in your project; and develop your ideas into a product that put quality and engineered orientated consideration at its core.

Minifactorum printing service aims to help creatives, tabletop gamers, students and businesses bring their ideas and designs to life, to the table and the market.

Regardless of the size of your project, we explain things in simple terms and offer complete transparency throughout the design process.

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We offer you the chance to get the miniatures you want from the Kickstarters and Patrons you have backed. - Gary Powell


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